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Novato Toyota celebrates our 50th Anniversary this year and we want to celebrate with you! As we plan our celebrations, we'll publish on our Facebook page. We are your family owned and operated Toyota dealership that happily supports the Novato, Marin and Sonoma communities.

In 1984, Herb Lakritz made a sound business decision and took over Novato Toyota. The first store was located on Redwood Boulevard in northern Novato, with easy access from Highway 101. As the business grew and Novato spread south, Herb relocated the dealership to our current location on Rowland Boulevard near Vintage Oaks shopping center. Our location has even better access from Highway 101, and we have a larger lot for our inventory. 

Novato Toyota is still family owned and operated. You'll find Herb in his office every week, while Randy, Barry, and Geoff Lakritz keep the business running smoothly. We really are a local business, and we're proud of our longevity in the Novato community. Our employees live locally, and we work with numerous local small businesses to get and keep our inventory in great shape.  

Over the 50 years that Novato Toyota has been in business, we have formed countless relationships. To those of you that we know, we’re glad that you’re here. To those of you visiting for the first time, we hope to get to know you better. It’s not all about selling cars here at Novato Toyota – it’s about being a valuable member of our community. We build our relationships on trust and good customer service, and we are very proud that you put your trust in us. 

We are proud to support local little league teams, high school teams, and our Novato schools, like the Marin School for the Arts at Novato High School. MSA empowers students to create, innovate, and exhibit their talents; skills that are more and more sought after in our tech-heavy, quick-to-change world. San Marin High School helps students in their STEM program to bring science, technology, and innovation to everyday problems. We salute MSA and the STEM program for their dedication to our youth. 




We hope to serve your needs and be a resource you can trust – not just a car dealership. We grew up in Marin. We've watched Novato and Marin change and grow over the years and we're happy to help you find the backroads.


Speak with one of our professional staff members to get a quick answer to your question.

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New and Certified Used Sales

It’s such a great time to be a Scion dealer. Have you seen the innovative vehicles the company is coming out with? If not, check them out in our selection of new cars in Novato. And if you have questions, feel free to contact us. Our staff is full of people that consider themselves experts in all that is Scion. In fact, it seems that they are a little too involved sometimes… Not in a scary way – they just really love the Scion brand.

In addition to the new cars, we also have certified used cars in Novato on the lot. We understand not everyone has the funds for a new car purchase. And even if you do, we also know there’s nothing wrong with buying used. And with our Scion certified used cars, you can buy pre-owned without the worry that goes along with it. Again, let us know if you have questions about certified used cars in Novato. We have some pros in this area as well!

Get Service From Novato Toyota

We don’t like to brag about ourselves, but we figured the ‘About Us’ page was probably one of the best places to do so. So we’ve already told you about our exceptional lineup of vehicles. Well, our service department is nothing to sneeze at either!

We have a huge selection of parts in stock. But it’s possible that we won’t have the exact part you need today. (After all, anything is possible, right?) The good news is, even if we can’t come up with it today, we can order it for you and have it in your hands in almost no time at all!

It’s not fun getting your car serviced. But to get the most out of your automobile, it needs to be done. Our professional staff is among the best in the business, meaning they can get you in and out quickly. And if it’s a bigger project, no sweat there either. Through the years, these staff members have seen it all when it comes to cars. So get in touch with us and get your car serviced in Novato CA.

Certified Pre-Owned at Novato Toyota