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Toyota Model Research

2017 Toyota 4Runner in Novato CA


4Runner – Always up for an adventure, the Toyota 4Runner's proven body-on-frame construction allows the driver to take it anywhere and everywhere...meaning that when it comes to capability, the 4Runner knows no bounds.

2017 Toyota Avalon


A sophisticated exterior and a surplus of high-class features make the Toyota Avalon an attractive buy for drivers looking to add a little more luxury in their everyday lives.

2017 Toyota Camry


One of the most popular vehicles on the market today, the Toyota Camry features high-quality materials and high drivability for an efficient and dynamic ride that's anything but boring.

2016 Camry

2017 Camry

2017 Camry vs Competition

2017 Toyota Camry Hybrid

Camry Hybrid

Everything you love about the Camry, now with more fuel efficiency! The Camry Hybrid is the perfect combination of style, power, and gas-saving engineering.

2017 Toyota Corolla


There's a reason why the Corolla is so popular! A stylish exterior, fun available features, great fuel economy and a lower starting MSRP help make this sedan one of the most sought-after cars in the country.

2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback
2017 Corolla vs Competition

2017 Toyota Highlander


Families love the Highlander due to its spacious cargo area, available seating configuration, and secure handling. Three engine options make the Highlander an enjoyable vehicle to drive, while seating of up to 8 passengers ensures no one gets left behind.

2017 Toyota Prius


The Toyota Prius has long-since been a fan-favorite in eco-friendly technology thanks to Toyota's groundwork in hybrid engineering. Why go with the rest when you can go with the best.

2018 Toyota Prius

2017 Toyota Prius C

Prius C

The small yet riveting sibling of the Prius is great for eco-warriors who want a little more fuel-efficiency to go with their compact sedan. If you are looking to get the most hybrid technology for a smaller cost, then the Prius C does the job remarkably well.

2017 Toyota RAV4


The popular RAV4 continues to turn heads wherever it goes, thanks to an attractive crossover body style along with bold color choices and sporty accents. This dependable and adventurous crossover is ready to take on the world!

2016 RAV4 vs Competition

2017 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

RAV4 Hybrid

All the qualities you love about the RAV4, now with more efficiency! The RAV4 Hybrid adds green technology to your weekend adventure, sporting better fuel economy in the same stylish RAV4 body we've come to know and love.


2017 Toyota Sequoia


The family-friendly Toyota Sequoia is designed to carry up to eight passengers with maximum comfort and minimal cabin noise thanks to high-quality materials and body engineering that cuts through wind for a relaxing, thought-provoking journey.

2018 Toyota Sequoia

2017 Toyota Sienna


Toyota’s popular minivan brings style to soccer moms everywhere. Packed with smart ingenuity and even more fun features, the Toyota Sienna is like a living room on wheels.

2018 Toyota Sienna

2017 Sienna vs Competition

2017 Toyota Tacoma


For those who want to customize their perfect mid-size pickup truck, there is the Toyota Tacoma. Select engine style, drivetrains, box and cab configurations, packages, interior materials, colors, and more!

2018 Toyota Tacoma

2017 Tacoma vs Competition

2017 Toyota Tundra


Tundra - The Toyota Tundra isn't a truck to be messed with, considering it was built to do it all. In the Tundra you can tow, haul, transport, and off-road. With so many quality features and innovations, the Tundra should be in a class all its own.


2017 Toyota Yaris

Yaris iA

Filled with comfortable materials and fun technology, the Yaris iA is the perfect vehicle for those who want all the bells and whistles without the extra cost.