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How Do I Cool Down My Car Quickly?

Summer is great, but the heat can be annoying. No one likes the sweaty feeling of sitting inside of a car that has been baking in the sun all day. It’s a bad start to a morning when everything in your car is too hot to even touch. Stepping into a scalding hot car is no fun regardless of the time of day.

Other than parking in the shade, it feels like the heat is unavoidable. What can you do? It’s summertime, so the sun is going to be out, and it is going to get hot. Well, there are a few things you can do to cool your car down quickly to make it bearable again. We’ll walk you through a few different things to try.

Cooling Down Your Car Quickly

Having the windows cracked or rolled down will help keep some air flowing throughout the day, but it can only do so much. Before getting into your car, try fanning the door a few times. This will help push out hot air and get a bit of air flowing again. It will make your car bearable in a few minutes.

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Another thing you should do is get your car moving as soon as you can. Your air conditioning works better with air flowing over it and the air coming through your windows will help push air out. Once your car is down into a comfortable temperature you can roll up the windows. These techniques should help get your car cooled down quickly so you can stop sweating.

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