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Everything You Need to Know About the Vehicle License Fee (VLF) in California

How to Find VLF for Taxes? 

Whether you’re planning to buy a new vehicle or are already a vehicle owner in California, you may have heard about the Vehicle License Fee (VLF). The VLF is a fee that drivers pay to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) annually on the ownership of a vehicle registered in California. This fee is charged in addition to various other costs such as air quality fees, vehicle registration fees, and commercial vehicle weight fees. Since the VLF is a small portion of the registration fee, it is tax-deductible. Wondering how to find the VLF for taxes? Our team at Novato Toyota in Novato, CA, is here to assist you. 

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2021 Toyota Prius Prime on vibrant city street at night

How Many Miles Can the 2021 Toyota Prius Prime Get on a Full Tank of Gas?

2021 Toyota Prius Prime Hybrid and Electric-Only Driving Range

The year has just begun but Novato Toyota already has a diverse selection of plug-in hybrid models for eco-conscious buyers to shop from. Here we unwrap the impressive hybrid and electric-only driving range specifications that make the 2021 Toyota Prius Prime an exceptional choice for those guests who want to electrify their daily driver.

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2021 Toyota Tacoma by scenic mountain landscape

What Can the Toyota Tacoma Tow?

2021 Toyota Tacoma Towing Capacities by Model

Tacoma is the Native American name for the captivatingly massive active volcano in the Pacific Northwest more commonly known as Mount Rainier. The aptly named Toyota Tacoma truck does well to match the towering peak that it is named after in its powerful nature and prestige. Here we explore the capacities of the different 2021 Toyota Tacoma models and what boats you might be able to tow with them.

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Toyota USA Manufacturing Plant

What Toyota Vehicles Are Made in the USA?

Toyota US Manufacturing Plants & American-Made Models 

You may think of Toyota as a Japanese brand, but did you know that Toyota has been manufacturing vehicles on American soil for more than 34 years? As of 2020 there are 10 Toyota plants operating in the United States and 470,100 jobs created. In this article, we explore what Toyota vehicles are made in the USA so you can make an educated choice in buying a new vehicle. 

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California Vehicle Fees: Tax, Title & License Renewal

How Much Are Vehicle Tax, Title and Registration Fees in California?

So, what does it mean when a salesperson sends you a quote that’s “plus taxes & fees”? 

To help you know what to expect, we’ve sorted through the documents to show you how much you can expect to pay for vehicle tax, title and registration fees in the state of California.

Pro Tip: If you’d like to roughly estimate an out-the-door price (OTD) for a vehicle that you’re interested in buying, just calculate what 11% of the selling price would be and add it to the price you’re paying for the car. So, if you’re buying a car for $10,000 then you should multiply $10,000 by .11 which is $1,100. $10,000 plus $1,100 is $11,100 so your approximate OTD for a $10,000 car will be $11,100 with taxes and fees included. California state law caps dealership documentation fees at $80. This is the only fee that Novato Toyota keeps and the rest of the taxes and fee amounts go to city, county & state government agencies.

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Toyota Oil Change Intervals banner

How Often Should You Be Changing the Oil in Your Toyota Vehicle?

Toyota Oil Change Intervals

Oil is one of the most important fluids that is utilized in your Toyota vehicle. As a result, it needs to be changed on a regular basis to avoid the oil becoming sludgy and causing damage to your Toyota vehicle’s engine. Our staff here in the Novato Toyota service center is here to help customers understand the importance of oil to their Toyota. Join us today as we discuss how often you should be changing the oil in your Toyota vehicle! Read the rest of this entry >>