What Are the New Features in the Next Generation Toyota Corolla Hatchback?

Performance and Safety Features of the 2022 Toyota Corolla Hatchback

The 2022 Toyota Corolla Hatchback has a lot to discuss. To begin with, the hatchback handles rough terrain admirably and provides a smooth ride for its passengers. The 2022 Corolla Hatchback not only provides a comfortable ride for its passengers, but it also handles effectively. However, how does the Toyota Corolla Hatchback perform in 2022? Read on to discover more about the 2022 Toyota Corolla Hatchback safety and performance features!

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Top 3 Reasons to Purchase a Hybrid

Reasons to Purchase a Hybrid

Before you look for reasons to purchase a hybrid vehicle, you must be aware of what a hybrid car is and how it works. A hybrid car moves by combining at least one electric motor with a gasoline engine, and the system recovers energy through regenerative braking. Electric vehicles are more efficient at low speeds, whereas gasoline engines perform better at higher speeds. Also, hybrid vehicles save energy because they are more fuel efficient than gas-only vehicles. Not only that, but they are also equipped with technologies such as regenerative braking and are designed more aerodynamically. If you have planned to purchase the 2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid XLE from Novato Toyota, Novato, CA, keep reading to learn more about reasons to Purchase a Hybrid Vehicle. 

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